We aspire to perform the most effective treatment possible. In the past, we were limited to repairing the mechanical structure of the injured part with plates, screws, rods, fusions and/or replacements. Now, with the evolution of technology, we have the capability of addressing the underlying biological problem.Stem Cell Success Raises Hopes of Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Advances in regenerative medicine allow us to engage the healing potential of the body itself. What if you could directly deliver cells to the damaged tissue that can aid in your natural rehabilitation? We all have cells living dormant in our body that can be activated by disease, injury, or inflammation known as “stem cells.”

Stem cells are the earliest form of a cell. They are unspecialized and capable of self-regeneration. They have the potential to become any cell or tissues type. This is called, “Multipotency”.Stem cells can transform into a variety of tissue types, including nerve cells, muscle cells, blood, bone and more.This is called, “DIFFERENTIATION”.

Since their discovery in the 1960’s, stem cells have been used to treat a myriad of ailments, including:Leukemia & Other forms of cancerParkinsons & Crohn’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s DiseaseDiabetes & Ocular degenerationHeart Disease, Arthritis, & moreThe Florida Spine and Joint Institute uses stem cell technology to treat disorders. We continually discover better ways to treat our patients and actively research to advance the field.WE DO NOT USE EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS!

Some stem cell treatments involve using stem cells from the patient’s own body. These are obtained from either fat or bone marrow. The cells are processed and re-injected. This has been routine therapy in the United States since the mid 1980’s. Approximately one million patients have been treated since.But the quantity and quality of the stem cells differ from patient to patient. Research shows that as we age, the number of viable stem cells in our body depletes.

The stem cells we use are called Placental Matrix-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and are derived from placenta tissue called Chorion. Cells of the Chorion are derived from the fetal mesoderm, which is responsible in forming our musculoskeletal and connective tissue for:BonesLigamentsTendonsMuscles

These MSCs are harvested from donated human placenta after normal, healthy c-section deliveries in the United States. Donations are voluntary with informed consent from the mother. They are rigorously screened with a full medical and social history; and extensive laboratory studies including negative serology screen are performed.

Placenta-derived MSCs are easily accessible. Placenta-derived MSCs

  • Do not have the limitations of individual’s own stem cells
  • Do not have ethical issues of embryonic stem cells

The body’s immune system is unable to recognize placenta derived MSCs as foreign, therefore they are immune privileged and are not rejected

These stem cells are be processed then transferred via injection into painful, discs, joints, tissues, on tendons. Once injected, the stem cells can follow inflammatory signals from damaged tissues. They have multiple ways of repairing these damaged areas. The procedure lasts approximately ten minutes and can potentially improve your quality of life with a simple injection.The physicians at the Florida Spine and Joint Institute are Board-Certified, Fellowship trained experts on spine and joint disorders, with the experience necessary to utilize stem cell technology that may help you recover from your injuries or discomfort caused from your body’s wear and tear over time.

Treatment cost depends on the type of treatment required and will be discussed with you following your consultation. Insurance companies do not cover stem cell therapy. Yet, as an alternative to major surgery, you may decide this injection is the right choice for you.

We have a well-qualified team at the Florida Spine and Joint Institute dedicated to helping usher you through the process:EvaluationProcedurePost-procedure care.We’ll monitor your progress on a regular basis to follow up on your condition.

At Florida Spine and Joint Institute, we see thousands of patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain, including:
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