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Part of our vision at the Florida Spine and Joint Institute is to provide people with the resources they need to better understand their conditions and injuries. Our blog includes regularly posted content designed to help you learn more about your physical condition, including exploration of the symptoms of injuries, details on ways to prevent injuries, and a more comprehensive look at some of the treatments our team offers.

What should you do about a pinched nerve in the lower back?

A pinched nerve in your lower back is a type of lower back pain that occurs when there is pressure on a nerve in your lower back. While there may be no literal pinching involved, the pain can be described as feeling like a pinch. When you’re dealing with a pinched...

Why do some people request an MRI without contrast?

When you’re injured or suffering from chronic pain, your doctor can perform an examination to identify the source of your pain and treat it. This examination usually includes a review of your symptoms and medical history, and your doctor may perform a series of...

What to remember before going to your MRI scan appointment

A crucial addition to many complete medical diagnoses is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. An MRI scan provides doctors with an internal visual of your body so they can view musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions.  MRI machines generate a magnetic...

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