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Part of our vision at the Florida Spine and Joint Institute is to provide people with the resources they need to better understand their conditions and injuries. Our blog includes regularly posted content designed to help you learn more about your physical condition, including exploration of the symptoms of injuries, details on ways to prevent injuries, and a more comprehensive look at some of the treatments our team offers.

I’m sore after a car accident: What do I do?

One of the main problems of automobile accidents—besides dealing with replacing your vehicle—is that some injuries take days to develop. This means you might feel OK after an automobile accident but not realize that you have underlying symptoms of a serious issue. By...

What to do after an accident: four key steps

Automobile accidents are fast and traumatic. Without preparation or the knowledge of what to do, it can be easy to give in to panic and make poor decisions. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with an automobile accident, but they are very common in the United...

Five of the most common car crash injuries

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are common in the United States, and often people are injured as a result. The good news is, though, there are medical professionals who specialize in treating the kinds of injuries caused by car accidents. Take a look below at some...

What is an MRI used for?

When you’ve been injured or are suffering from long-lasting pain, you may need to see a medical professional for treatment. There are several approaches health care professionals can take in treating your condition, but to know what’s right, they’ll need to perform a...

What can cause a torn meniscus?

Knee injuries are a problem for a couple of reasons. First is that they’re painful. Nobody wants to live with pain every time they move their knee. Second, knee injuries limit the range of motion in the knee, which prevents you from accomplishing many daily tasks. The...

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