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Common soft tissue injuries in
automobile accidents

More than 6 million Americans are involved in an automobile accident every year, and over half of these people experience some form of injury as the result of an accident. Automobile accidents injuries should always be taken seriously. Even if you don’t feel any pain right away, you should visit a healthcare professional for an examination in case you have an injury that is not yet displaying symptoms or pain. This is more common than you may realize. At Florida Spine and Joint, we treat all kinds of automobile accident injuries. Many of these injuries are some form of soft tissue injuries.

Four things to consider when choosing transportation for medical treatment

When you have an injury or chronic physical condition, you need access to a healthcare facility for assistance. In many cases, this is difficult due to lack of transportation or the inability to transport yourself because of your condition. Fortunately, there are options for transportation to clinics if you are unable to drive yourself. Florida Spine and Joint has clinics located across the state of Florida for easy access for most residents. You should have little difficulty finding transportation to our clinic closest to you.

What to consider when choosing a transportation service

There are many transportation services available for people these days. However, they are not all equal. There are four things you need to consider before choosing a transportation service to help you get to and from your next medical appointment:
  1. Safety — Automobile accidents affect millions of Americans every year. An automobile accident may be the reason you’re injured and need assistance with transportation in the first place. Your safety in transportation has to be the number one priority. Ask your transportation service to provide references or credentials if you’re concerned about your safety. Any reputable transportation provider should have no problem proving their reliability to you.
  2. Punctuality — Nobody needs to be kept waiting for their appointment. Make sure the transportation service you choose is timely in picking you up for your appointment and taking you home afterward.
  3. Friendliness — Are the drivers and other staff members in your transportation service provider friendly? If not, find another transportation service. There are plenty of options for transportation, so you do not need to put up with poor or rude service.
  4. Comfort — Is the vehicle used for your transportation comfortable? Is it in operating order? These are important parts of a smooth and stress-free journey to and from your appointment.

Florida Spine and Joint provides free transportation for
our patients

If you are unable to get to one of our convenient clinic locations due to lack of transportation, we can help. Our staff can arrange for you to be picked up and transported back and forth to your home or workplace at no additional cost. Contact us today to learn more about transportation services for our patients and to schedule an appointment.