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Soft Tissue Injuries

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Common soft tissue injuries in
automobile accidents

More than 6 million Americans are involved in an automobile accident every year, and over half of these people experience some form of injury as the result of an accident. Automobile accidents injuries should always be taken seriously. Even if you don’t feel any pain right away, you should visit a healthcare professional for an examination in case you have an injury that is not yet displaying symptoms or pain. This is more common than you may realize. At Florida Spine and Joint, we treat all kinds of automobile accident injuries. Many of these injuries are some form of soft tissue injuries.

Common types of soft tissue injuries in automobile accidents

The soft tissues include your muscles, ligaments and tendons, which all work together to support your body and provide movement and range of motion. The force of an impact from an automobile accident can cause injuries to these tissues that is not usually life-threatening but affects your quality of life. The most common types of soft tissue injuries in automobile accidents include:
  • Strains — A strain is the stretching or tearing of your muscles and tendons. Strains vary in degree of severity but are generally painful and limit your mobility. Whiplash is a type of strain in the neck commonly associated with automobile accidents due to the jerking of the head from an impact.
  • Sprains — A sprain is similar in nature to a strain but it affects the ligaments instead of the tendons and muscles. Sprains in automobile accidents are common in the back since the torso can lunge in one direction from an impact.
  • Contusions — Contusions are bruises to the muscles and soft tissue from a direct impact. Usually, contusions do not require medical treatment, but if they persist or grow worse over time, you should seek a healthcare professional for assistance.

Treating soft tissue injuries at
Florida Spine and Joint

At Florida Spine and Joint, we specialize in many treatments that can be used to help people recover from automobile injuries. Whether you have a sprain or a strain, our team can find the most effective treatment to help you restore your quality of life. Contact us today to talk to one of our team members about your automobile accident injury and to schedule an appointment.