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Elbow Joint Replacement

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Elbow replacement surgery

Traumatic injuries and conditions like arthritis can cause severe damage to your elbow. In many cases, the elbow can be treated with arthroscopic surgery or noninvasive methods like physical therapy. However, if these methods don’t work or if the damage is too severe to consider them, total elbow replacement surgery may be necessary.

Elbow replacement surgery is a complicated procedure, but it may be the best way to reduce pain and restore the use of your elbow.

Types of elbow replacement surgery

Surgeons primarily perform two types of elbow replacement surgery:
  • Partial elbow replacement — It’s common for just part of the elbow to be damaged enough to need replacement. In these cases, the surgeon may replace only the head of the joint or resurface the socket.
  • Total elbow replacement — In total elbow replacement, both the ball and socket of the joint are entirely replaced with an artificial joint. The surgeon removes the old pieces of bone and cartilage and inserts the ends of the new artificial joint into the center of the bones surrounding the elbow.
In total elbow replacement, the surgeon may use either a linked artificial joint or an unlinked one. A linked joint is like a hinge. Both ends are permanently connected together but it can occasionally be more difficult to move. An unlinked joint is easier to move because the artificial ball and joint are two separate pieces. However, this procedure may not be right for you if the ligaments in your elbow are not strong enough to hold the new joint together.

Risks of elbow replacement surgery

Complications during elbow replacement surgery are rare. However, every surgery comes with risks, so it’s important to know them before going under. Possible complications during elbow replacement surgery include:
  • Infection
  • Blood loss
  • Blood clotting
  • Allergic reaction
  • Fracture
  • Ineffective artificial joint
  • Altered arm length

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