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Elbow Tendon Injuries

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Elbow tendon injuries

The bones in your elbows are connected to the muscles via soft tissue known as tendons. It’s important for the tendons to remain healthy for you to retain control of your arm. When an injury or condition damages the tendon tissue, it’s challenging or impossible to use your arm.

When the tendons in the elbow are hurt, you’ll need to visit a healthcare professional for treatment. Doctors usually try to treat elbow tendon injuries with conservative methods, but, in many cases, orthopedic surgery is the best treatment.

Types of elbow tendon injuries

The tendons in the elbows are vulnerable to different types of injuries, including:
  • Tendinosis — Frequent overuse of the elbow can cause the collagen in the elbow’s tendons to deteriorate. Collagen is a protein that is an important building block in tendon tissue. Tendinosis usually occurs when you continually overuse the elbow without giving it enough time to heal between use.
  • Tendinitis — Tendinitis is a less severe form of injury from overuse. It causes inflammation in the tendon that is painful and limits the use of the joint. Usually, tendinitis is treatable with conservative methods and recovers after a few days. Although, some cases of tendinitis are more intense and require surgery.
  • Paratenonitis — The tendons in your elbow are surrounded by a protective layer called a paratenon. It’s possible for the paratenon to become inflamed, which is known as paratenonitis. Usually, paratenonitis coincides with tendinitis, and both are treated as a singular injury. However, paratenonitis occasionally requires more specific treatment.
  • Biceps tendon rupture — While the biceps isn’t exactly part of the elbow, it is connected to the elbow by a tendon. Forceful stretching or straightening of the arm while the muscle is contracted can cause the tendon to rupture.
Often, surgery for repairing damaged elbow tendons is minimally invasive. Surgeons can perform arthroscopy, which is a surgery that uses a small tube with a camera on the end to provide your surgeon with a visual of the operation. This eliminates the need for large, painful incisions that require long recovery times.

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