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Knee Cartilage Repair

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Knee cartilage procedures

The musculoskeletal system of your body includes 360 joints that make it possible for you to move and live life as you know it. When one of these joints is injured or hurt, you may find it challenging to get through your daily life or participate in activities you love.

A likely reason you may have joint pain is damage to the cartilage. Cartilage is a tough, flexible, solid material that exists between the surfaces of your joints. It serves to cushion the joints from impacts and from friction against one another. When the cartilage is damaged, the bones in the joints are vulnerable to pain and damage.

Damage to the cartilage in your body should never be taken lightly, especially in your knees. Cartilage damage in the knee can take away your ability to run, jump, dance or even walk. If you’re suffering from pain and loss of knee mobility, you may have cartilage damage that needs surgery for treatment.

What causes cartilage damage in the knee?

  • Arthritis — One of the leading causes of cartilage damage in your knees and the rest of your body is arthritis. There are many forms of arthritis, but they all cause the cartilage to wear down in one form or another.
  • Injury — A direct impact or a sudden twisting motion of the leg can cause the cartilage in your knee to tear.
  • Age — Aging can play a factor in the degeneration of cartilage durability. Genetics can be a contributing factor to the rate of degeneration as well.

What are knee cartilage procedures?

Surgeons have different options for treating cartilage damage in the knee. Some people can benefit from minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures while others may require total knee or cartilage replacement surgery. Our surgeons at Florida Spine and Joint can examine your knee and determine what kind of surgery would be best. Common orthopedic surgeries we perform for knee cartilage damage include:
  • Microfracture — Surgeons can create tiny fractures in the bone that promote the growth of new, healthy cartilage tissue. This is useful when the damage to the cartilage is not too severe, but isn’t treatable by noninvasive methods alone.
  • Meniscus repair — The menisci are the layers of cartilage between the shin bone and thigh bone. Some surgeries can completely replace a damaged meniscus while others can trim it to provide better stability and movement of the knee.
  • Total joint replacement — Damage to the cartilage or other parts of the knee may warrant the necessity for replacing the entire joint with an artificial one.

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