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Knee Ligament Surgery

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Knee ligament reconstruction

The bones, muscles, ligaments, tissue and joints in your body all work together so you can move about and complete many different tasks. When one of these parts is hurt or not functioning properly, it’s more difficult to get through daily life.

The ligaments are a part of this system that can severely impact your movement when injured, especially in your knees. The knees are incredibly complex joints with three ligaments operating within a small space. When one or more of these ligaments is hurt, you will need to see a medical professional for treatment.

What causes damage to the knee ligaments?

The purpose of the ligaments is to connect your bones to one another. Since the knee bears a lot of body weight and is responsible for many movements, these ligaments must be strong and versatile. However, like the rest of your body, the knee ligaments have limits.

Causes of knee ligament injury include:

  • Forceful twisting of the knee — This is common with a sudden change of direction, like in sports with a lot of running back and forth.
  • Bending of the knee in the wrong direction — This may happen in multiple directions, including backward or side-to-side.
  • Impact from force — You might experience this when landing from a jump or fall.
  • Traumatic impact — An external object or person can strike your knee and damage the ligaments.

Some knee ligament injuries can be treated with noninvasive methods like rest, medication or physical therapy. However, complete tears and other serious injuries may require surgical intervention like ligament reconstruction.

When do you need knee ligament reconstruction?

A knee ligament reconstruction is a surgery in which the torn ligament is removed and replaced. The replacement ligament usually comes from an organ donor or another part of your own body. This is generally the most reliable way to regain complete use of your knee after a ligament tears.

Not everyone with a torn ligament needs surgery though. For example, if you tear your ACL but do not need to use your knee for intense physical activity like sports, you can get by without surgery. You may still be able to walk and perform daily tasks without much difficulty.

However, whether you’re an athlete or not, if the pain and limitation of motion in your knee is severe, you should consider knee ligament reconstruction surgery.

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