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Meniscus Transplant Surgery

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Meniscus transplant

Your knee requires a lot of parts to work together for it to function properly. Some of these parts move a lot, and others are more inactive but are equally important. The menisci in your knee are non-moving parts that can cause a lot of problems when they’re damaged.

The menisci are positioned between the shin bone and thigh bone (the two bones connected by the knee joint). They serve to cushion the bones from friction and impacts. When one or both of the menisci are torn, the knee is vulnerable to damage that can lead to more serious problems in the future. That’s why many people with a torn meniscus visit surgeons for treatment.

How do you treat a torn meniscus?

Surgeons have different options for treating a torn meniscus. They may simply trim the meniscus at the tear to prevent it from impacting the use of your knee, or they may be able to repair your meniscus into one solid piece of cartilage again. Another surgery option for a torn meniscus is transplant surgery.

When do you need meniscus transplant?

A meniscus transplant is usually a last resort option for treating a torn meniscus. Totally replacing the meniscus is a complicated procedure since the knee is a complex joint. A meniscus transplant is more invasive than other meniscus surgeries, so surgeons will usually look for the following criteria before recommending it:
  • You’ve had previous meniscus surgery and still have pain.
  • You have instability in the knee.
  • The meniscus tear is causing other cartilage in the knee to wear down.
  • You’re younger than 55-years-old.

Is meniscus transplant surgery risky?

All surgeries involve some form of risk. Our surgeons at Florida Spine and Joint have many years of training and experience in these procedures, so they know how to minimize the risks involved. Still, possible complications that can occur during a meniscus transplant surgery include:
  • Infection
  • Blood loss
  • Blood clotting
  • Nerve damage
  • Ineffective replacement cartilage
  • Allergic reaction

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Our surgeons carefully examine your condition before declaring a recommendation for a surgery like meniscus transplant surgery. Although it is more invasive than other meniscus surgeries, if transplant is necessary, it can help improve your quality of life. Contact our team today to learn more about meniscus transplant surgery or to schedule an appointment.