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Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery

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Revision rotator
cuff repair

A crucial part of the shoulder is its rotator cuff. The rotator cuff includes the muscles and soft tissue that hold the shoulder joint together and provide range of motion. Several injuries and conditions can damage the rotator cuff, which makes it difficult for you to use your arm.

In some cases of rotator cuff injury, surgery is the best treatment option. However, it is possible for rotator cuff surgery to not fully correct the issue in your shoulder. When this happens, revision rotator cuff repair may be necessary.

What leads to recurring rotator cuff tears?

Revision rotator cuff repair is a follow-up surgery to previous rotator cuff treatment, whether the original treatment was surgery as well or a conservative treatment. There are a few different reasons why the initial rotator cuff treatment may fail and lead to recurring rotator cuff tears:
  • Incorrect diagnosis — It’s possible for your healthcare provider to make an incorrect diagnosis of your shoulder pain, which means you wouldn’t have received the treatment you needed. Incorrect treatment may fail to treat tears in the rotator cuff or actually contribute to the development of tears.
  • Did not reduce pain — Your previous treatment may have reduced the symptoms of shoulder pain, like limited range of motion or weakness, but you may still feel pain. Revision rotator cuff repair may treat the source of pain.
  • Did not reduce symptoms — Your previous treatment was able to reduce the pain, but you’re still having trouble with range of motion or strength. Revision rotator cuff surgery can treat the potential causes of these issues.

When is revision rotator cuff surgery necessary?

In some cases of persistent pain or symptoms, conservative treatments like physical therapy or medication may help. However, surgery is often the best treatment for correcting persistent rotator cuff issues. A medical professional can examine your shoulder to determine if revision rotator cuff surgery is right for you.

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If your shoulder has been treated by a healthcare professional but is still in pain, you may need revision rotator cuff repair. Our surgeons at Florida Spine and Joint are highly trained and cautious about accurately diagnosing the cause of your pain to provide the correct treatment. Contact us today to learn more about revision rotator cuff repair or to schedule an appointment.