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Shoulder Dislocation Surgery

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Shoulder instability

Your shoulder is made up of several intersecting tendons, ligaments and muscles. These must all work together properly with the bones and cartilage in the shoulder for the joint to function. Injuries to the bone or any of the soft tissue can cause the ball of the joint to pop out of the socket.

Partial dislocations like this are known as subluxations and are usually temporary injuries. However, if the joint completely pops out, it can affect the framework of your soft tissue, which can lead to frequently recurrent dislocations in the future. This is known as shoulder instability, and if it affects you, you should seek professional healthcare assistance.

What causes shoulder instability?

Once the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your shoulder are loosened or torn, the shoulder is more prone to frequent dislocations. There are a few reasons this can happen:
  1. Dislocation — Dislocation is usually caused by some form of injury or impact. This results in the ball of the shoulder becoming completely displaced from the socket. This frequently tears muscles and soft tissue that leads to more frequent dislocations.
  2. Strain — Repetitive motions and physical activity can cause the shoulder muscles and soft tissue to grow looser. Activities with frequent overhead motions such as swimming, volleyball, baseball or tennis can lead to this kind of strain.
  3. Multidirectional instability — Some people are born with an unstable shoulder that may feel looser or dislocate easily when you move the arm into a specific position. Many people that you know as double-jointed are prone to this kind of instability.

How is shoulder instability treated?

Depending on the cause and severity of your shoulder instability, your doctor may recommend surgical treatment. There are nonsurgical options, but they are usually not the best treatments for people with severely torn or loosened soft tissue in the shoulder. Fortunately, shoulder instability can be treated with arthroscopy, which is a minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. In arthroscopy, your surgeon can perform the operation while minimizing risks by using small instruments that fit through tiny incisions.

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