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Biceps tendon repair

Whenever someone tells you to flex, you probably lift up one or both of your arms and curl them inwards to bulk up the muscles. The main muscle you typically observe in this pose is the biceps.

The biceps is is the long muscle running along the front side of your arm from your shoulder to your elbow. It’s the power behind many of the bending or lifting motions you use with your arm.

An injury to the biceps is a big deal since it’s so important to the use of your arm. A sore biceps is a normal part of life, especially after physical activity, but serious injuries require medical attention. One injury that can damage the biceps is a biceps tendon rupture.

What causes biceps tendon rupture?

The biceps has two tendons that attach it to the bones in your arm. One connects to the elbow and the other connects to the shoulder. Depending on the circumstance, one or both of these tendons can stretch or tear. A tear to these tendons is known as a rupture, and it’s painful and debilitating. The main cause of biceps rupture is injury. Biceps injuries usually occur when the muscle meets too much resistance while contracting. For example, picture a heavy object falling from a shelf. You attempt to catch it, but the weight and velocity of the object causes your arms to straighten out from the impact. This forceful straightening against the tension of your biceps while the arm is bent is what causes the tendons to rupture.

How are biceps tendon injuries treated?

If you have pain in your biceps and suspect a tendon rupture, you need to visit a medical professional. Your doctor will examine your arm for the symptoms of tendon rupture and signs of other injuries like fractures or nerve damage. If the tendon hasn’t completely torn, you may be able to treat it with noninvasive methods like medication or physical therapy. When the tendon is torn though, you’ll probably need surgery for treatment. Surgical intervention can reattach the tendon to the bone. There are different approaches to surgery depending on the severity of your tendon rupture. One approach is to attach the tendon to the bone with stitches. Another approach is to use metal implants to connect the bone and tendon.

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