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Torn Meniscus Surgery

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Torn meniscus repair

Pain and injuries of the knee are a burden because they affect your ability to move about and perform daily activities. There are many types of knee injuries since the knee is made up of several parts, including muscle, ligaments, bones and cartilage. Some of these are mild and can be treated with rest and medication. Others require medical attention.

One knee injury that affects many people is a torn meniscus. The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that rests between the shin and thigh bones that your knee connects together. There are two menisci in the knee: one in the front of the knee and the other on the backside. They are separated by the ligaments intersecting your knee.

When one or both of the menisci are torn, you may not be able to use your knee or leg. When this happens, you should visit a medical professional for treatment.

What causes a torn meniscus?

The main cause of a torn meniscus is physical activity that causes the knee to twist or rotate in the wrong direction. Motions like pivoting or making quick and sudden changes of direction can force the knee in a position that damages the meniscus. Torn meniscus commonly occurs alongside ligament injuries in the knee. These injuries are common in athletes who constantly run, jump and make sudden changes in direction. Arthritis can also contribute to a meniscus tear.

How is a torn meniscus treated?

Minor tears to the meniscus may be treatable with noninvasive methods like physical therapy and medication. People whose tears are not severe or who are not very physically active can usually get by with this kind of treatment. People with severe tears or who need complete use of their knee for complex physical activities may need surgery. Arthroscopy is the procedure of choice for meniscus tears. This is a minimally invasive form of orthopedic surgery that uses tiny surgical instruments that fit through small incisions. The surgeons can see what they’re doing through a camera connected to the end of a small tube (the arthroscope) that goes into the knee. The general goal of arthroscopy for a torn meniscus is to repair the tear. Some tears cannot be completely repaired, but in these cases, the surgery can still trim the injured part to reduce knee pain and improve knee function.

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Our surgeons at Florida Spine and Joint use arthroscopy to repair and trim meniscus tears. Since arthroscopy is minimally invasive, the recovery time is quick and the risks are minimal. Contact us today to learn more about torn meniscus repair or to schedule an appointment.