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Pompano Beach


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Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach, Florida, is a fascinating and beautiful area located halfway between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, and our team at Florida Spine and Joint is proud to serve this community with helpful chiropractic services.

Attractions our services can help you enjoy in Pompano Beach

One goal of our Pompano Beach clinical team is to relieve various types of pain with great chiropractic care. These services are particularly helpful if you want to get out and enjoy the many attractions Pompano Beach has to offer.

One such attraction is Butterfly World, which opened its doors in 1988. This attraction is dedicated to the restoration of the U.S. butterfly population and is home to the nationally recognized “Bring Back the Butterflies” campaign, which has been going on since 1988. Thanks to this program, endangered butterfly species like the Schaus swallowtail have significantly increased their numbers.

The grounds of Butterfly World are actually a set of lovely botanical gardens, and the gardens cover three acres and hold many interesting features. True to its name, Butterfly World has a butterfly aviary, farm and research center. In addition, this attraction boasts two aviaries filled with many colorful tropical birds.

If you’ve had your fill of butterflies, Pompano Beach visitors should also check out the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. This local landmark was originally built in 1907, and features an octagonal pyramidal iron tower. There is a wealth of local history that revolves around this location, and the lighthouse still holds the distinction of being one of the most powerful lighthouses in the world. This accolade is thanks to its two 1,000 watt xenon high pressure lamps the lighthouse boasts, and it has been reported that the beam is visible up to 28 miles away.

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Thanks to the chiropractic services offered at our Pompano Beach clinic, our team at Florida Spine and Joint is ready to help you treat many types of pain that might otherwise put a damper on your visit to this beautiful town. Our clinic is located at 1600 S. Federal Highway, Suite 390, and we can help you get chiropractic services designed to fight the pain of:

Neck problems
Back conditions
Joint issues

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