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Samuel J. Hess, M.D.
Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

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Conditions we treat
We help our patients feel better & return to the physical actives most important to them.

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Florida Spine & Joint Institute

Welcome to Florida Spine and Joint Institute. Our top-notch surgeons offer comprehensive orthopedic care to all ages. The staff in all of our offices are courteous and caring and are there to ensure your satisfaction. Whether it be a professional or collegiate athlete, an active retiree, “weekend warrior”, accident victim or a hard working employee anxious to make a difference, the Florida Spine and Joint is here to help our patients feel better and return to the physical activities most important to them.

Enjoy our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or further information you might require. If you prefer to contact us in person, please call 954-941-8889.

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Is Stem Cell Right For You?
At Florida Spine and Joint Institute, we see thousands of patients who
suffer from acute and chronic pain, including:
What is Sacroiliac Joint Disease?
The sacroiliac joint is in the low back where the spine meets the pelvis.
Sacroiliac joint pain is discomfort in this area.

Patient Testimonials

I broke my back in an auto accident, could not stand and Dr. Hess did my surgery immediately and was a real jewel. He answered my questions and explained what he would be doing. I would trust him with my life. He’s a very good surgeon.